We don’t only focus on the highly customized projects!  Our skilled and experienced techs handle engine swaps, parts replacement and upgrades on a daily basis.  In many cases we have the experience to tell you if the bolt-on kit you’re buying really is “bolt-on”.

Wiring often factors heavily into many of our projects too.  Many of the projects we see have 20+ year old wiring harnesses, which can and will cause numerous headaches in a high performance application.  Whether you need some wiring diagnosed and repaired, a replacement wiring harness for your JDM Nissan, or even a totally bespoke harness to run your completely wild engine swap that “nobody’s ever done before,” we’ve got you covered!

Shoot us an email or drop us a line at the shop to discuss your unique project and we’ll work with you to build a combination that will achieve your goal!

fab work on jdm car whilst on rotating frame