ECU Dyno Tuning

Dyno tuning rounds out our service offerings at SSS Motorsports.  Your engine can be built, installed, and tuned all under one roof, by the same team!  This allows us to maintain strict quality control over your project, saves you money, and nips potentially costly miscommunication errors in the bud.

Our Land-and-Sea 4WD Axle-Hub Dynamometer is the only one of its kind in Edmonton.  The Axle-Hub layout, where the vehicle’s driveline is bolted directly to the dyno’s input shafts, eliminates the risks associated with strapping high horsepower cars down to rollers and ensures accurate, repeatable results.  Our machine boasts sophisticated load control software that affords us total control over the vehicle’s powertrain.  We can simulate quarter-mile loads and ramp times, and even steady-state the engine at fixed RPM.

Our machine can test engines producing up to 3000HP (in 4WD mode), meaning we have enough load capacity to handle some of the baddest diesel-powered rig rockets out there.

With our Dynamometer outfitted with high resolution weather station, intake pressure and exhaust manifold backpressure sensors, oil temperature probe and a host of other sensor inputs we are able to develop robust, reliable calibrations for your engine.  Unlike what you get from many tuners, these are not your run-of-the-mill WOT tunes that make good power but leave much to be desired at part throttle and/or during warmup.  We deliver the complete package:  Good hot/cold start characteristics, part-throttle driveability, and of course, wide open throttle.

We handle Naturally Aspirated and Forced Induction engines and cater to both ROM tune and Standalone customers.

Dyno Service Summary:

  • Naturally Aspirated and Forced Induction engines tuning,
  • Complete tuning for power, economy, hot/cold starts, and driveability characteristics,
  • Full Standalone, Piggyback, ROM tuning services, EPROM burning/erasing,
  • ECU modification, PC board soldering/desoldering
  • Engines built, tuned and tested by the same team, start-to-finish,
  • Specializing in Haltech, Nistune, ECUtek, Link and more!