Engine Building

The engine is one of the most important parts to any vehicle. Take a look at what we offer for our clients in need of performance engines.

Head Porting & Polishing

Engine efficiency is improved by refining and smoothing the path through which the air charge must flow to reach the engine’s cylinders.

Fabrication Work

At SSS Motorsports we are equipped to handle most any type of fabrication job related to your performance project.  .

mechanic in engine bay doing custom body fabrication

Custom Paint, Bodywork & Restoration

With Justin Matsuda, our full-time body man, on staff we can handle everything from minor dents to meticulous fitment of aftermarket aero kits

Engine Swaps, Chassis Mods & Wiring

Our skilled and experienced techs handle engine swaps, parts replacement and upgrades on a daily basis.

fab work on jdm car whilst on rotating frame

ECU Dyno Tuning

Dyno tuning rounds out our service offerings at SSS Motorsports.  Your engine can be built, installed, and tuned all under one roof, by the same team!